MAP 2302 - Differential Equations

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Week Lecture Assignments
1 Syllabus & Intro to Diff. Eqns.
2 Initial Value Problems
3 Variable Separable, Lecture Video, Example #1, Example #2
4 First Order Linear ODE – Homogeneous and non-Homogeneous, Bernoulli and Substitution Method
5 Exact DE and Non-exact made Exact
6 Homogeneous D.E, Review and Exam I on Feb. 16 Homogeneous DE: Lecture Video, Example
7 Higher Order Linear DE with Constant Coefficients (HOLDECC) – Hom., Operators, Annihilators
8 Operators, Annihilators and linear dependence, HOLDECC: Non-homogeneous and Review, Applications of HOLDECHomogeneous D.E, Review and Exam I on Feb. 16
9 Spring Break
10 Reduction of Order: Homogeneous and Non-homogeneous
11 Variation of Parameters (Wronskian), Review and Exam II on Mar. 23
12 Cauchy-Euler: Homogeneous
13 Cauchy-Euler: Non-Homogeneous
14 ODE Systems and Applications
15 Laplace Transforms
16 Laplace Transforms and Review
Final Exam 7:30-9:45AM