Advancing Student Participation in Research Experiences (ASPiRE) is an undergraduate math mini-conference intended to educate students about what it means to do "mathematics research" as undergraduates and inform students of ways in which they can engage in math research at the undergraduate level.



This year, ASPiRE will host Dr. Rebecca Garcia, Director of Pacific Undergraduate Research Experience, who will share her experience of undergraduate research.

Here are the presentations from ASPiRE 2017:

Undergradute Research Programs by Prof. Rebecca Garcia
Algebra of Sandpiles by Prof. Rebecca Garcia
Research Experience with Undergraduates by Prof. Pamela E. Harris

ASPiRE will showcase research projects completed by students, describe ideas for future REU projects, and offer advice about the application process.

Local faculty engaged in research work with students will share their experiences and speak about their current and ongoing research projects. Afternoon sessions will be devoted to student research presentations.

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